© 2006 photo by Carmen Ezgeta: Ribarsko beduinsko naselje na obali Crvenog mora, pustinja Sinai, Egipat, Azija - Bedouin’s Village & Red Sea, Sinai Desert, Egypt, Asia

Ya eres mía. Reposa con tu sueño en mi sueño.
Amor, dolor, trabajos, deben dormir ahora.             
Gira la noche sobre sus invisibles ruedas       
y junto a mí eres pura como el ámbar dormido.  

Ninguna más, amor, dormirá con mis sueños.
Irás, iremos juntos por las aguas del tiempo.             
Ninguna viajará por la sombra conmigo,      
lo tú, siempreviva, siempre sol, siempre luna.        

Ya tus manos abrieron los puños delicados              
y dejaron caer suaves signos sin rumbo,                      
tus ojos se cerraron como dos alas grises,      

mientras yo sigo el agua que llevas y me lleva:
la noche, el mundo, el viento devanan su destino,      
y ya no soy sin ti sino sólo tu sueño.

                             Sad si moja. U mom je snu dio tvog sna.
             Sad spava i ljubav i bol i tezina sva.
                                     Noc je sisla na nevidljivim kotacima,
               I ti, jedina, snivas u meni poput jantara.

Nitko drugi, ljubavi moja, nece spavati u mojim snovima.
             Podji, podjimo zajedno, preko voda vremena,
     Nitko osim tebe nece putovati sa mnom preko sjena,
                   Ni sunce, ni mjesec — samo ti, moja zimzelena.

           Iz tvojih ruku, sa tvojih mekih otvorenih dlanova
                     Njezne pjesme padaju i nestaju kao kapi,
               Sklopila si svoje oci, poput siva krila dva,

             Dok ja plutam vodom koja tece, koja me odnosi:
                         A u svojoj sudbi vrti se noc, zemlja, vjetar —
                                   Ja sam bez tebe, sâm, samo tvoj san.

             And now you're mine. Rest with your dream in my dream.
                     Love and pain and work should all sleep, now.
   The night turns on its invisible wheels,
and you are pure beside me as a sleeping amber.

                 No one else, love, will sleep in my dreams. You will go,
                       we will go together, over the waters of time.
         No one else will travel through the shadows with me,
                   only you, evergreen, ever sun, ever moon.

         Your hands have already opened their delicate fists
and let their soft drifting signs drop away;
               your eyes closed like two grey wings, and I move

   after, following the folding water you carry, that carries
me away. The night, the world, the wind spin out their destiny.
           Without you, I am your dream, only that, and that is all.

Ormai sei mia. Riposa coi tuo sonno nel mio sonno.              
Amore, dolore, affanni, ora devono dormire.       
Gira la notte sulle sue ruote invisibili                                
presso me sei pura come l'ambra addormentata.

Nessuna più, amore, dormirà con i miei sogni.           
Andrai, andremo insieme per le acque del tempo.     
Nessuna viaggerà per l'ombra con me,                                    
solo tu, sempre viva, sempre sole, sempre luna.             

Ormai le tue mani aprirono i pugni delicati                 
e lasciarono cadere dolci segni senza rotta,
i tuoi occhi si chiusero come due ali grige,                            

mentr'io seguo l'acqua che porti e che mi porta:
la notte, il mondo, il vento dipanano il loro destino,            
e senza te ormai non sono che il tuo sogno solo

Tu es enfin mienne. Repose-toi, ton rêve dans mon rêve.
                               Amour, douleur, travaux, doivent dormir maintenant.
                     La nuit tourne sur ses roues invisibles
                                                   et près de moi tu es pure comme l'ambre endormi.

                               Aucune autre, mon amour, ne dormira avec mes rêves.
                                                 Tu iras, nous irons ensemble sur les eaux du temps.
                                     Aucune ne voyagera dans l'ombre avec moi,
             rien que toi, toujours vivante, toujours soleil, toujours lune.

                                                             Déjà, tes mains ont ouvert les poings délicats
                         et ont laissé tomber de frêles signes sans but,
                                     tes yeux se sont fermés comme deux ailes grises,

               pendant que je suis l'eau qui te porte et me porte:
                                                         la nuit, le monde, le vent dévident leur destin,
                             et je ne suis plus sans toi mais seulement ton rêve.

© Carmen Ezgeta

Pablo Neruda

(1904 - 1973)                                 

Pablo Neruda

1971. dobitnik Nobelove nagrade za knjizevnost
1971. Nobel Laureater in Literature

© Carmen Ezgeta

©   2006 photo by   Carmen Ezgeta:    Ribarsko beduinsko naselje na obali Crvenog mora, pustinja Sinai, Egipat, Azija, studeni 2005.
                                                                         Bedouin's Village & Red Sea, Sinai Desert, Egypt, Asia, November 2005

©  Copyright: graphic arts; animation & design   Carmen Ezgeta


Sonet LXXX  - Sonnet LXXX  - Soneto LXXX

Sad si moja -  Ya eres mía -  And now you're mine -  Ormai sei mia  - Tu es enfin mienne


©   2006  prepjev:   Carmen Ezgeta                                                                  traduction de   Ricard Ripoll i Villanueva



Nomadic Arabs, recognized by their nomadic lifestyles, specific dialects, social structures and culture.
Their numbers are decreasing, as more and more are changing from nomadic lifestyles to sedentary.

Estimates say nomadic Bedouins constitute about 10% of the population of the central Middle East.
Their life forms are pastoral: they herd camels, but often also sheep, goats and cattle. Handicrafts form another important source of income.
Bedouins are normally migrating only in parts of the year, depending on grazing conditions. In winter, when there is some precipitation,
they migrate deeper into the desert, while they seek refuge around secure water sources in the hot and dry summer time.
Bedouins have traditionally occupied the Sinai Peninsula.
Within the limits of declared Protected Areas they retain their traditional rights and continue to occupy their settlements,
women graze their sheep and goat herds and men fish.

Activities that are likely to damage habitats or reduce their biodiversity are now regulated by EEAA staff in cooperation with concerned Bedouin.
Bedouin staff have been contracted by the EEAA as Park Rangers or to provide services to the Protectorates.

Bedouin culture has been founded on strict tribal laws and traditions. Nature is respected, water is consumed sparingly,
small water reservoirs are constructed on hillsides to assist wildlife, the relationship between coral reefs and fisheries is clearly understood and damage
to reef areas is limited.  Tribal law prohibits the cutting of "green trees", the penalty could be up to three 2 year old camels or their equivalent value.

Bedouins have said that "killing a tree is like killing a soul".  Much can be learned from that statement.



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