Пока Земля еще вертится,
       пока еще ярок свет,
Господи, дай же ты каждому,
       чего у него нет:
мудрому дай голову,
       трусливому дай коня,
дай счастливому денег...
       И не забудь про меня.

Пока Земля еще вертится —
       Господи, твоя власть! —
дай рвущемуся к власти
       навластвоваться всласть,
дай передышку щедрому,
       хоть до исхода дня.
Каину дай раскаяние...
       И не забудь про меня.

Я знаю: ты все умеешь,
       я верую в мудрость твою,
как верит солдат убитый,
       что он проживает в раю,
как верит каждое ухо
       тихим речам твоим,
как веруем и мы сами,
       не ведая, что творим!

Господи мой Боже,
       зеленоглазый мой!
Пока Земля еще вертится,
       и это ей странно самой,
пока ей еще хватает
       времени и огня,
дай же ты всем понемногу...
       И не забудь про меня.

Dok Zemlja jos se krece      
I postoji njezin sjaj
Ono sto netko nema, Ti mu to, Gospode, daj!     
Mudromu podaj glavu, plasljivom konja — da krene,
Sretniku daruj novca...      
I — ne zaboravi mene!

Dok Zemlja jos se vrti — Gospode, Tvoja je vlast
Onome tko vlasti tezi, nek mu bude u slast;      
Tko drugome ne krati novca, nek predahnu oci mu snene,
Kainu kajanje daruj...     
I — ne zaboravi mene!

Vjerujem u Tvoju mudrost i Svemoci poznajem sjaj,     
Kao sto ubijen vojnik u vjecni vjeruje raj;
Kao sto vjeruje uho u tihog Tvog govora sum,     
Ko covjek sto vjeruje srcem, a djela mu ne shvaca um.

Gospode, moj Boze, zelenooki moj,
Dok Zemlja jos se vrti i sve to cudno je njoj;     
I dok jos vremena ima i vatre da je pokrene
Svakomu ponesto daruj...      
I — ne zaboravi mene!

©   prepjev:   Drazen Dragovic


Molitva Francois Villona      

The Prayer of François Villon              

François Villon                        


Bulat Okudžava

Булат Окуджава
Bulat Okudzava
Boulat Okoudjava
Bulat Okudzhava

( 1924 - 1997 )

[ Rusija - Россия - Russia - Rossiya ]


©   2005   photo by Carmen Ezgeta:    Nubijska Koza  - Nubian Goat                                                         
                                                             The Tample of Karnak, Louxor - Luxor   - Egypt;  ozujak - March   2005


The Nubian People [ The Nubians ]

The Nubians of Northern Africa embrace a history and tradition that is easily traced to the dawn of civilization.
The Nubians hold esteemed credentials that identify them as the very first people of whom modern archaeologists have evidence of from northeastern Africa.
The Nubians settle along the great Nile River from Aswan Egypt, to south of Sudan's capital of Khartoum.

The Nubians are an ancient people dating back to 4000 BC. Numbering approximately one million, the Nubians in both Sudan and Egypt
suffer from intentional discrimination because of their non-Arab descent. Following the construction of the Aswan High Dam in 1960,
the Nubians faced a painful exodus from their ancient dwellings. Hundreds of thousands of Nubians were forced to leave their homeland
because of flooding from the newly constructed dam. They were dispersed to less fertile areas in both Sudan and Egypt.
Great Nubians monuments and historical sites were lost as a result of the construction of the dam. The Nubians lost their ancient homeland in the 1960's,
but their culture and heritage remain ever constant. The Nubians are non-Arab Muslim tribes who speak mostly Arabic.
Although Nubians once were strong Christians during the sixth century, they are virtually all Muslims today.
The Nubians were converted to Christianity during the sixth century. They remained Christians until the gradual process of Islamization began to take place
from the fourteenth until the seventeenth centuries. The Nubians hold a few vestiges to their Christian past.
The symbol of the cross is still seen in the decorations of many Nubian homes.

In addition, children are dipped in the Nile at the age of three days which is reminiscent of baptism.


[ Bulat Okudzava ]

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While the world is still turning, and while the daylight is broad,
         Oh Lord, pray, please give everyone what he or she hasn't got.
Give the timid a horse to ride, give the wise a bright head,
         Give the fortunate money and about me don't forget.

While the world is still turning, Lord, You are omnipotent,
         Let those striving for power wield it to their heart's content.
Give a break to the generous, at least for a day or two,
         Pray, give Cain repentance, and remember me, too.

I know You are almighty, and I believe You are wise
         Like a soldier killed in a battle believes he's in paradise.
Like every eared creature believes, oh, my Lord, in You,
         Like we believe, doing something, not knowing what we do.

Oh Lord, oh my sweet Lord, my blue eyed Lord, You're good!
         While the world is still turning, wondering, why it should,
While it has got sufficient fire and time, as You see,
         Give each a little of something and remember about me!

Dok se jos Zemlja okrece,
         dok je jos jarko svetlo
         daj ti svakome ono cega nema.
Mudracu daj glavu,
         plasljivcu konja,
daj sretnom novac
         i ne zaboravi na mene.

      Dok se jos Zemlja okrece,
               Gospode — tvoja je vlast.
      Daj castohlepnom da se nauziva vlasti,
               daj predah darezljivom do kraja dana,
      Kainu daj pokajanje
               i ne zaboravi na mene.

          Ja znam — ti sve mozes
                   i vjerujem u tvoju mudrost.
          Kao sto vjeruje mrtav vojnik
                   da ce zivjeti u Raju
          Kao sto vjeruje svako uho
                   tvojim tihim rijecima
          Kao sto vjerujemo i mi sami
                   bez obzira sto cinili.

              Gospode, moj Boze,
                       zelenooki moj,
              Dok se jos Zemlja okrece
                       a cudno je to i njoj,
              dok je jos vremena
                       i vatre,
              daj svakom po malo
                       i ne zaboravi na mene.

prepjev:   Arsen Dedic           
       (1938 - 2015)                  

Tant que la terre tourne encore, tant que la lumiere est vive,         
Seigneur, donne à chacun ce qu'il n'a pas:
Au sage une tête, au poltron un cheval,        
A l'heureux de l'argent... Et ne m'oublie pas.

Tant que la terre tourne encore — Seigneur c'est en ton pouvoir!        
Donne à ceux qui veulent le pouvoir de régner à loisir,
Donne à souffler au généreux, au moins jusqu'au soir,         
A Caïn donne le remords... Et ne m'oublie pas.

Je le sais : tu peux tout, je crois en ta sagesse,         
Comme un soldat tué croit vivre en Paradis,
me chaque oreille croit à tes doux propos,        
Comme nous croyons nous-mêmes, ne sachant ce que nous faisons!

Seigneur, mon Dieu, mon doux Seigneur aux yeux verts!          
Tant que tourne encore la terre, et cela paraît bien étrange,
Tant qu'il lui reste encore du temps et du feu,          
Donne à chacun un peu... Et ne m'oublie pas.

While Earth is still turning around,       
While light is still warming and bright,
I pray you, my Lord, give just everyone,         
What everyone hasn't on his side:

A head — give him who's always clever,        
A horse — give a coward — to flee,
Give money him, who's now happy…          
And don't be forgetful of me.

While Earth is still turning around,        
— My Lord, it's for you to decide! —
Let him, who is craving for power,        
Enjoy it until his is glut.

Give breather a man, open-handed,         
At least, his day's evening to see.
Let Cain have his utter repentance…        
And don't be forgetful of me.

I know that you are almighty,        
Believe to that wisdom of yours,
As solders believe — those killed ones —         
That they live the Eden indoors,

As always believes every ear         
Your quiet admonishes to,
As all we believe to our actions,        
Not knowing ev'n what we do.

Oh, God! Oh, my Master, almighty!        
Oh, You of the evergreen eyes!
While Earth is still turning around —          
That's strange and to her and to us,

While she has enough of the fire        
And time for us farther to be,
Give everyone even a little…         
And don't be forgetful of me.

                 ©  translated by Yevgeny Bonver, 2001