© 2005 photo by  Carmen Ezgeta:  Beduinsko naselje, pustinja Sinai, Egipat, Afrika, studeni 2005.  -  Bedouin's Village, Sinai Desert, Egypt , Africa, November  2005

Oblaci, putnici, vi vjecnost srecete!
Ko stepa ste azurna, biserja sjaj
Prognani, hitro ko i ja se krecete     
S dragog vam sjevera u juzni kraj.      

     Tko li vas tjera: je l' odluka kobi?      
Je l' zavist tajna? Zloba vas goni?          
Il' zlocin vas neki nemili drobi?            
Il' drugovi lazni, kleveti skloni?              

Ne, vec dosadise prostori besplodni…               
Strasti vam neznane, boli prostranstva;                  
Vjecito hladni i vjecno slobodni,                    
Vi — bez domovine, vi — bez prognanstva.                       

Тучки небесные, вечные странники!
  Степью лазурною, цепью жемчужною
   Мчитесь вы, будто как я же, изгнанники
     С милого севера в сторону южную.

    Кто же вас гонит: судьбы ли решение?
      Зависть ли тайная? злоба ль открытая?
       Или на вас тяготит преступление?
         Или друзей клевета ядовитая?

      Нет, вам наскучили нивы бесплодные...
        Чужды вам страсти и чужды страдания;
         Вечно холодные, вечно свободные,
           Нет у вас родины, нет вам изгнания.

Clouds in the skies above, heavenly wanderers,
  Long strings of snowy pearls stretched over azure plains!
   Exiles like I, you rush farther and farther on,
     Leaving my dear North, go distances measureless.

    What drives you southward? Is't envy that covertly
      Prods you or malice whose arrows strike openly?
       Destiny is it? A crime hanging over you?
         Or friendship's honeyed but poisonous calumny?

      No! O'er those barren wastes heedlessly journeying,
        Passion you know not or anguish or punishment;
         Feeling you lack, you are free — free eternally,
           You have no homeland, for you there's no banishment.

Mihail Jurjevic Ljermontov

Михаил Юрьевич Лермонтов
Mihail Jurjevic Lermontov
il Yurevich Lermontov
Mikhail Iurevich Lermontov
Mihail Jurjevic Ljermontov
Mixail Jur'evich Lermontov
ikhail Yur'yevich Lermontov

(1814 – 1841)

[ Rusija - Россия - Russia - Rossiya ]


Oblaci — Тучки  — The Clouds


Источник: М. Ю. Лермонтов. Сочинения в 2


©   2005 photo by   Carmen Ezgeta:   Beduinsko naselje, pustinja Sinai, Egipat, Afrika, studeni 2005.
                                                                               Bedouin's Village, Sinai Desert, Egypt , Africa, November  2005

© Copyright: graphic arts; animation & design by  Carmen Ezgeta


©   2005   pjesmu Oblaci prepjevao Drazen Dragovic                                    Translated by   I. Zheleznova



Nomadic Arabs, recognized by their nomadic lifestyles, specific dialects, social structures and culture.
Their numbers are decreasing, as more and more are changing from nomadic lifestyles to sedentary.

Estimates say nomadic Bedouins constitute about 10% of the population of the central Middle East.
Their life forms are pastoral: they herd camels, but often also sheep, goats and cattle. Handicrafts form another important source of income.
Bedouins are normally migrating only in parts of the year, depending on grazing conditions. In winter, when there is some precipitation,
they migrate deeper into the desert, while they seek refuge around secure water sources in the hot and dry summer time.
Bedouins have traditionally occupied the Sinai Peninsula.
Within the limits of declared Protected Areas they retain their traditional rights and continue to occupy their settlements,
women graze their sheep and goat herds and men fish.

Activities that are likely to damage habitats or reduce their biodiversity are now regulated by EEAA staff in cooperation with concerned Bedouin.
Bedouin staff have been contracted by the EEAA as Park Rangers or to provide services to the Protectorates.

Bedouin culture has been founded on strict tribal laws and traditions. Nature is respected, water is consumed sparingly,
small water reservoirs are constructed on hillsides to assist wildlife, the relationship between coral reefs and fisheries is clearly understood and damage
to reef areas is limited.  Tribal law prohibits the cutting of "green trees", the penalty could be up to three 2 year old camels or their equivalent value.

Bedouins have said that "killing a tree is like killing a soul".  Much can be learned from that statement.



[ Mihail Jurjevic Ljermontov ]

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