put your head on my shoulder
hold me in your arms, baby
squeeze me oh so tight
show me that you love me too
put your lips next to mine, dear
won't you kiss me once, baby
just a kiss goodnight, may be
you and I will fall in love
people say that love's a game
a game you just can't win
 if there's way
I'll find it someday
and then this fool will rush in
put your head on my shoulder
whisper in my ear, baby
words I want to hear
tell me, tell me that you love too
put your head on my shoulder
whisper in my ear, baby
words I want to hear, baby
put your head on my shoulder

Put your head on my shoulder



©   Copyright: graphic arts; animation & design by Carmen Ezgeta

Paul Anka



Rene Magritte

art:   Rene Magritte - "The Lovers I"

   (1898 - 1967)                      (1928)



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