What's a woman when a man
Don't stand by her side?
What's a woman when a man
Has secrets to hide?

She'll be weak
She'll be strong
Struggle hard
For so long

What's a woman when a man
(What's a man without a woman?)
Don't go by the rule?
What's a woman when a man
(What's a men without a woman?)
Make her feel like a fool?

When right
Turns to wrong
She will try
To hold on to the ghosts of the past
Dreams from the past
Faded so fast

All alone
In the dark
She will swear
He'll never mislead her again

All those dreams from the past
Faded so fast
Ghosts of the past
When love was to last

All alone
In the dars
She will swear cross her heart
Never again

Cross my heart
Never again

What's A Woman



©   Copyright: graphic arts; animation & design by Carmen Ezgeta


Dani Klein; Jean-Michel Gielen; Dirk Schoufs


Vaya Con Dios



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