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It shines not with a light of it's own,
  Yet casts a glow to earth.
     Voices from generations past,
         Have sung about it's worth.

               Contemplate the moon...
                   Contemplate the moon...

                         It's helped to guide the ships at sea
                           And swooned with lovers new;
                             It takes the tide from beneath, from
                               Beneath your feet,
                               And it brings it back… back to you.

                                 Yes... Contemplate the moon...
                                 Contemplate the moon.

                                 On deep dark nights when it is full,
                               Moon glow... moon glow...
                               The only light....
                             Or on the nights when storm clouds try,
                           They try to keep it from your sight...
                         from your sight.

                     Contemplate the moon...
                 Contemplate the moon...

       Think about the mighty Hand
   That sets its course to be,
A gentle glowing night light
           There to comfort you and me…

                                         Contemplate the Moon…
                                                                     Contemplate the Moon.

music by   Phil Keaggy                                                    lyrics by   Mary Ellen Smith




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