Carmen Ezgeta

I'm sorry, oh, I'm sorry
Oh baby, I'm sorry
For the things I said to you

You know I love you, you know I care
With you, my new heart I want to share
Darling I need you, with all your heart and soul
To know that I want you, and I'll never let you go
But forgive me, for I knew not what I was sayin'

Come on little baby, come on darling
Give me another chance, to make up on my wrong
You know that I love you,
you know I'll put nobody else above you
Come on, come on, say that you'll love me

I'm sorry, oh yes i'm sorry
Oh I'm sorry, for the things I said t' you

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Bo Diddley, Alan Freed, Harvey Fuqua and was first released by Bo Diddley in 1959


   Brenda Lee
1960. performed by Brenda Lee                         




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