Carmen Ezgeta

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars       
Let me see what spring is like         
On a-Jupiter and Mars            
In other words, hold my hand             
In other words, baby, kiss me                

Fill my heart with song                  
And let me sing for ever more                   
You are all I long for                                    
All I worship and adore                                     
In other words, please be true                                    
In other words, I love you                                    

Fill my heart with song                                  
Let me sing for ever more                                 
You are all I long for                             
All I worship and adore                          
In other words, please be true                      
In other words, in other words                   
I love ... you             

                                                                                 Fly Me To The Moon


©   Copyright: graphic arts; animation & design by Carmen Ezgeta


Lyrics and music by        Bart Howard                         

(1916 - 2004)


Artists, who performed songs by Bart Howard:

Dinah Washington; Tony Bennett; Diana Krall; Raymond Berthiaume; Joe Harnell and His Orchestra; Johnny Hartman;
Mark Moore; Blossom Dearie; June Christy; Marvin Gaye; Nina Simone; Sarah Vaughan; Peters Drury Trio
Lorrie Morgan; Bobby Darin; Ray Brown Trio; Count Basie; Lounge Noir; Johnny
Mathis; Shirley Horn; Eileen Farrell





Frank Sinatra

(1915 - 1998)



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Frank Sinatra