Carmen Ezgeta

Sweet surrender on the quayside
You remem
ber we used to run and hide
In the shadow o
f the cargoes I take you one time
And we're counti
ng all the numbers down to the waterline

Near misses on the dogleap stairways
French kisses i
n the darkened doorways
A foghor
n blowing out wild and cold
A policema
n shines a light upon my shoulder

Up comes a coaster fast and silent in the night
Over my shoulde
r all you can see are the pilot lights
No money in our j
ackets and our jeans are torn
Your hands ar
e cold but your lips are warm

She can see him on the jetty where they used to go
She can fee
l him in the places where the sailors go
When she's walkin
g by the river and the railway line
She can st
ill hear him whisper
Let's go do
wn to the waterline...